It has been reported that when using the program under Windows 8.1 with high DPI settings, the Maximise, Minimise and Close buttons (normally in the top right hand corner of the screen) are off-screen and can’t be used.

This is a display compatibility issue and can be corrected by right clicking on the railway.exe icon on the desktop or in Windows Explorer, left clicking ‘Properties’ in the submenu, then selecting the Compatibility tab, ticking the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ box, then clicking the ‘OK’ button.  That should fix the problem.

If anyone has this problem but prefers not to make the change then the maximise, minimise and close functions are still available in a drop down menu by left clicking the program icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Thanks are due to Mark Jones for reporting and finding the solution to this issue.

A few fairly obscure errors have been reported and discovered since the last version was released over two years ago and these are corrected in this version.

Details of corrections are listed in the Version Information Page

Please download it from the Downloads Page

Reading 2015

This is a simulation based on the Reading Station area correct as at April 2015.

The timetable I have included is the Working Timetable for June 1st 2015 and includes all services that were due to operate on this day, I have also included ‘Runs as Required’ Freight services just to add extra operational interest. On this given day the relief lines and Westbury lines were closed from around 22:00 onwards which involves additional use of Kennet Bridge Junction and Tilehurst East Junction.

Download it HERE

Aldgate fantasy

This fantasy layout is based in a future where Aldgate station has all the services both Aldgate and Aldgate East had.

Services are:

  • Metropolitan line – North-west London – Upminister
  • District line – South-west London – Upminister
  • Circle line – (Edgware Road via Tower Hill to Hammersmith via King’s Cross)
  • (the Hammersmith and City line no longer exists)

The headcodes for reference are included on the screen. Please note that repeats do not change headcodes.

Routes do not need to clash, but you can do so if you wish. Keep an eye on the destinations, as it is quite often impossible to return them to their correct destinations.

The timetable is formed of 6 services that repeat 100 times each (bear in mind this is a rather intensive timetable). Feel free to increase the number of repeats.

Remember to leave feedback and report any issuses!

Download it HERE.


This is a recreation of the area around Lewisham station, including the mainline bypass and the big double crossing just outside Lewisham station.

The included timetable is of Sunday 15th Feb 2015, when there will be a closure of the mainline through Grove Park and a drastically reduced service through Hither Green. There is still plenty going on and  enough to keep you interested!

There is also a possibility that I will write a weekday timetable, which will no doubt be VERY  busy!

You can download it HERE.

Just a quick update on my London Bridge project. Work has now been finalised on the track layout, which includes the approach lines down past New Cross Gate and Through Peckham, this is to allow better management of trains as there is a capacity to queue trains on the approach to the now narrowed Brick layers arms junction, as per the real timetable. It also allows fast trains to be signalled correctly before they reach the first red signal at New Cross Gate allowing the timetable to be more accurately adhered to.

While the track layout has been completed, much like the real thing the timetable is proving a more complex task, as there are a lot of trains to code. The plan is to draw a timetable running from the start of service at approx 5am through the morning peak and then ending around 12 noon. At present work has not advance much beyond the input of the Thameslink services and some of the West Croydon Via Peckham trains. Now that Southern have announce their changes to the real time table I will be using that as a guide to draw up the timetable for the simulation, and using it to identify areas were the timetable may conflict, however the plan is to release the simulation with the as close to the intended timetable for January the 5th as possible.


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