The program makes no changes to the registry nor to any other operating system or user settings.  It does not require a complex installation procedure and does not have an uninstall program.  If it isn’t wanted then just delete it, nothing else will be affected.  Version 1.3.2 was developed under Windows XP so it runs on both home and professional versions, and it has been tested satisfactorily on Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8 (but see note below about high DPI settings).  It is expected to run on all Windows operating systems from Windows 98. 

The latest as yet experimental version 2.0.0 Beta was developed using Embarcadero’s latest (free) C++ Builder compiler and should run on all modern operating systems, though the program is restricted to 256 colours – this has been the case from the beginning – so if the display isn’t right then right click on the program icon, select Properties and Compatibility, then tick the 256 colours box.  That should fix any problems and only needs to be done once.

Download the required file and unzip it.  This produces a folder named ‘Railway’, together with a user manual named ‘Manual.pdf’, a quick start guide named ‘Quick start.pdf’, and a file named ‘readme.txt’ that repeats the information here.

The ‘Railway’ folder should be moved to the location from where the program is to run, and must be a read/write location – i.e. somewhere on a hard disk (I suggest in the ‘Program Files’ folder of the main drive), or a memory stick, but not a CDRom.  For convenience, when the folder has been located, open up the folder and add a shortcut on the desktop to the main program file which is named ‘railway.exe’.  This can be done by right clicking on the ‘railway.exe’ file icon in Windows Explorer, selecting ‘Send To’, then in the submenu selecting ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’.  Existing users should allow files in their existing ‘Railway’ folder to be replaced with new ones from the new folder.

I recommend printing ‘Quick Start.pdf’ (4 pages) for reference during the first use of the program.  ‘Manual.pdf’ is the program’s help file in a single document which can also be printed if you wish – it’s a 41 page document – though it’s available anytime during operation of the program via the ‘help’ menu.

If you don’t have a ‘pdf’ reader please go to to download a free copy.

The user manual and quick start guide are also available for direct download from here, as is a pack of timetable tutorials in a zip file.  These tutorials will hopefully prove helpful when you begin to construct your own timetables.

That’s it – ready to go – I hope you like the program and find it useful.

Please let me know via the website how you get on with it – good points, bad points and any errors (hopefully few).

Using the program with high DPI settings (DPI = dots per inch)

It has been reported that when using the program with high DPI settings, the Maximise, Minimise and Close buttons (normally in the top right hand corner of the screen) are off-screen and can’t be used.

This is a display compatibility issue and can be corrected by right clicking on the railway.exe icon on the desptop or in Windows Explorer, left clicking ‘Properties’ in the submenu, then selecting the Compatibility tab, ticking the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ box, then clicking the ‘OK’ button.  That should fix the problem.

If anyone has this problem but prefers not to make the change then the maximise, minimise and close functions are still available in a drop down menu by left clicking the program icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Thanks are due to Mark Jones for reporting and finding the solution to this issue.

Earlier program versions:  If anyone needs an earlier version for any reason they are available for download at

zip Release v2.0.0 Beta (Experimental)

The latest as yet experimental version developed using Embarcadero’s compiler. It should run on all modern operating systems, though the program is restricted to 256 colours – this has been the case from the beginning – so if the display isn’t right then right click on the program icon, select Properties and Compatibility, then tick the 256 colours box. That should fix any problems and only needs to be done once. See 'Source' tab for more information

Filesize: 6.11 MB
Downloads: 412 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

zip Release 1.3.2 (Stable) Uploaded 4 July 2015

This release corrects a number of errors that had come to light since v1.3.1 - see 'Version Information' for details.

Filesize: 2.55 MB
Downloads: 415 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

pdf Manual

User manual - updated (very slightly) for program version 2.0.0 Beta

Filesize: 282.51 kB
Downloads: 342 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

pdf Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide - updated for program version 2.0.0 Beta

Filesize: 23.18 kB
Downloads: 199 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

zip Timetable tutorials

Timetables represent one of the most complex aspects of the railway simulator so hopefully by working through these examples the way in which timetables work will become clearer. The tutorials work up from simple timetables to more complex ones, and all the main features are described.

Filesize: 97.62 kB
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 2019 Downloads
Download: [Download here]
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  • Anton

    First of all I would say that this game is what I searched for a long
    time and is really fantastic. v1.3.2 works fine both on windows and
    Ubuntu(with wine). v2.0.0 some problems, the yellow-white rectangle with
    track and train information is invisible, so the black text is written
    on the black background. This problem is solved by setting it to 256
    colour but then the automatics routs turn in a nearly invisible (lilac)
    colour and the preferd routs be deep blue.

    • Greetings! We’re glad you like the program and we appreciate your feedback. It must be said though that the program was never made to run on Wine, the fact that it does is great though! As the program is no longer being developed (only serious bug fixes), there isn’t anything we can do about resolution, coloring or problems you may have when using anything else than Windows. We appreciate your feedback, and have fun playing!

  • Christopher N Crepon

    Yeah I’d also like to say thank you. I haven’t even tried it yet, but appreciate all people who provide such niche simulations. People taking valuable time from their day to program for projects which are often under-appreciated. Next stop, Grand Central.

    • Greetings, We appreciate your feedback! This program has been around a relatively long time now, and it still continues to attract new users. I think I speak for Albert too when I say that we enjoy people enjoying the program as much as we do. If you are new to this, there is a whole list of free, user-made lines that you can try. From the easy ones to the really complex ones.

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