Routes 7, 8, 12, 92, 201 iExpress and ION in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada bwjmackie@golden.net

This highly simplified network covers the core section of Waterloo, omitting most outlying parts.  
The network only includes tracks which are actually used by this full timetable, with the 
exception of the ION Yards.

This timetable includes four standard bus routes, one express bus route and one ION light rail line.
Within reason, the timetable attempts to mimic reality.

Download it HERE

Metropolitan Line

This is an unfinished build of the Metropolitan Line.  The line itself is complete with preferred directions and track speed limits and lengths set, but full working timetable(s) have still to be compiled.  A number of incomplete timetables have been supplied (some operable and some still with errors), along with information on service times and frequencies.

JK has run out of time on this project and is offering it in the hope that someone will be willing to complete it.

Download it HERE

Jubilee Line WestJubilee Line West

Jubilee Line EastJubilee Line East

The Jubilee Line is split into two sections:  West from Stanmore to St John’s Wood, and East from St John’s Wood to Stratford.  Each section becomes very busy when all the trains are running, so it is recommended to export and print out the timetables in spreadsheet form to keep track of train movements.

Download them HERE

DLRDocklands Light Railway

The DLR system extends from Bank in the west to Beckton and Woolwich in the east, and from Stratford in the north to Lewisham in the south.  Trains enter from the depots at Poplar and Beckton, and form shuttles that operate between Bank and Lewisham, Stratford and Canary Wharf, Tower Gateway and Beckton, and Stratford International and Woolwich Arsenal.  To keep the railway operable each service consists of just two shuttles,  one starting at one end of the section and the other at the other end.  On the real DLR there are many shuttle services operating at the same time but eight are enough for a single signaller to cope with, especially at busy junctions.

Download it HERE

A few fairly obscure errors have been reported and discovered since the last version was released over two years ago and these are corrected in this version.

Details of corrections are listed in the Version Information Page

Please download it from the Downloads Page

Reading 2015

This is a simulation based on the Reading Station area correct as at April 2015.

The timetable I have included is the Working Timetable for June 1st 2015 and includes all services that were due to operate on this day, I have also included ‘Runs as Required’ Freight services just to add extra operational interest. On this given day the relief lines and Westbury lines were closed from around 22:00 onwards which involves additional use of Kennet Bridge Junction and Tilehurst East Junction.

Download it HERE

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