Central Line

This is JK’s new railway, the complete LUL Central Line, released early without a timetable because other commitments have prevented him from being able to compile one.  If anyone would like to compile a timetable then please ‘zip’ it then send it in using the ‘Add Your Project’ feature and it will be included with the railway – many thanks.

[Whoops!  JK has just noticed that Oxford Circus was missing from the original file – Version 2 corrects this error]


This is TUT’s extension (see comments below), adding depots and making a few layout tweaks.

zip Central Line (JK)

Filesize: 30.07 kB
Version: 2.0
Downloads: 860 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

zip Central Line Extension (TUT)

Filesize: 79.22 kB
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 711 Downloads
Download: [Download here]
  • TUT

    Dear all at the community here, Albert, and – especially – JK. Congratulations on a superb piece of work JK, it really is magnificent and I think it’ll be terrific when a timetable is compiled. When looking at it, though, I thought it could do with being split up into sections so that more of the railway is on screen more of the time (e.g. Keith Hazelton’s Bakerloo or Ian Walker’s Chiltern) and I also thought it was a shame that the depots and sidings aren’t present, because I enjoy depot working and I like to have all trains on the map. For this reason I set about a few cosmetic tweaks, a bit of reorganising and I’ve added an accurate rendering of the LOU and WOO sidings, as well as a simplified WHC depot and highly simplified HAI and RUI depots. This means that all 77 trains used in WTT 66 can start and finish at a siding/depot. Now, I’m quite happy to keep this as my pet project, I enjoyed it and maybe one day I’ll be able to write a timetable. I really don’t want to be so impertinent as to try and supplant your wonderful work JK, I give you full credit, my work is mere addition and tweaking. However, I hope my effort could form a handy “expansion pack” or alternative for people who want to muck about with the depots. I haven’t got a timetable so I don’t know, I may have even over-reached myself. But you’re around, JK, I wanted to ask your permission to submit it as an alternative (full credit to you for doing all the original work and almost all of the final work) and, if you’re around Albert, I wondered what your stance on an altered version from somebody else is. A nice day to you all 🙂

    • Albert Ball


      Your extension sounds great! Please send it in and I’ll add it as a second download option. I can’t imagine that JK will have any objections. Cheers, Albert

      • TUT

        Okay, thanks very much Albert 🙂 I think I’ve done it correctly, as I say, I still don’t have a timetable yet, but perhaps it could take a place in the sneak preview section? Once again I must stress there’re probably places where it could be improved and anybody who wants to is welcome to make any tweaks, as long as they give credit to JK 🙂

  • FS

    Any update on a timetable for this layout? Looks very good thus far.

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