This is a fictional route which I tried to fit on a single screen and purely for fun ONLY.
It’s a fruit farm rail system, designed to deliver the fruits to the nearby markets.
Goal is to dispatch the trains in minimum time from farm.

Timetable contains a very tight schedule, handling overall 32 trains from/to various stations/markets.

Few stations are connected from others through multiple routes. During operation routes are selected in a bit tricky manners to minimize the operational time and maximizing the usage of available route/track.

It’s a real challenge to signaler to complete the session within 10 minutes. All trains must be out from farm area.

I have included;
– route
– timetable
– a session file which sets up the signals prior to start of operation.
– a log file contains the best result

Please note that this is best operated with a white background so the names show up clearly

NajamUddin has kindly provided a video file that shows how to signal the trains successfully

zip Fruit Farm

Filesize: 60.66 kB
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 645 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

7z Operational Video

This is a zipped video file (.avi) that shows how to signal the trains successfully to their correct destinations. It is in '7z' format which gives a better compression ratio than plain 'zip' format. A free decompression program is available from the 7-zip website at ''. Winzip will also decompress it. Click 'Download here', then if the file opens instead of the normal download box (as it does on my computer) select 'File' then 'Save as', and save the file as 'Best-FruitFarm.7z'. It can then be decompressed as above.

Filesize: 511.83 kB
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 655 Downloads
Download: [Download here]
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