Current theme: “Spring in Steam”

Calling on al (amateur) train photographers! Do you want to have your photo proudly displayed on our homepage?

Now is your chance! Join our Photo Contest and have your work proudly featured.

No photo has been submitted for the contest. Be the first!


The winning photo of the contest will be proudly displayed (with credits if desired) on our front page of the website for the duration of at least one month until the next contest or admin-selection of photo is decided.


The current theme of the contest is "Steam in Spring".

We are looking for images depicting (steam)trains or (steam)train related images with a hint of the spring season. This could be blossom, or the last remaining snow with flowers. We allow a wide interpretation, but the photo's will be judged based on these criteria.


  • You must be registered on our site to submit your photos.
  • Submitted Photo's must be YOUR OWN, you may not submit photos or images that you do not own all the rights to.
  • All submitted photos must adhere to the theme of the contest. Photo's with no relation to at least part of the theme will be rejected.
  • Photos must NOT contain any recognizable humans other than the personnel of the train (i.e. Driver, Stoker, conductor, etc.).
  • Photos may not contain any person under the age of 13.
  • We retain the right to refuse users or photos from participating in the contest at our discretion.
  • You may submit up to 3 (three) photos per contest up to 5Mb in size (per photo).
  • Photo's should be 1920x1080 in size or cropped to this format.
  • Photo's must NOT contain any watermarks, copy protection or other elements that make the image unusable.
  • Photos should be submitted as .jpg or .png files.
  • After submissions are closed a jury of admins has 1 (one) week to vote on all submitted photos on a 10-point scale.
  • The outcome of the contest is final, we will not entertain disputes over the outcome.
  • The winner will be announced with the winning photo and that photo will be proudly displayed on the homepage for the duration of at LEAST one month.
  • The winner will also be featured in our monthly newsletter and in a (small) article on the website.
  • The winner is allowed to choose if the photo needs to be credited or if he/she waives the right and prefers to remain anonymous.
  • By submitting a photo to the contest, you grant us an irrevocable non-exclusive licence/right to edit/crop/use the photo for non-commercial use in or on our website and/or other digital communications until perpetuity.
    • In non-legal terms:
    • We can use the photo again in the future on our website if we want and/or need to (add it to the library).
    • We can ONLY use your photo for non-commercial purposes; We won't sell the photo or use it to produce paid products.
    • We are allowed to edit the photo, crop it or only use elements from the photo.
    • Also the licence is non-exclusive which means that you retain all the rights to re-sell the photo for other purposes, also commercial ones.
    • The only restriction is that you can't ask us to take the photo down after you've submitted it; this is to protect us from getting take-down requests.


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