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Fruit Farm by NajamUddin Alam + Operational Video



This is a fictional route which I tried to fit on a single screen and purely for fun ONLY.
It’s a fruit farm rail system, designed to deliver the fruits to the nearby markets.
Goal is to dispatch the trains in minimum time from farm.

Timetable contains a very tight schedule, handling overall 32 trains from/to various stations/markets.

Few stations are connected from others through multiple routes. During operation routes are selected in a bit tricky manners to minimize the operational time and maximizing the usage of available route/track.

It’s a real challenge to signaler to complete the session within 10 minutes. All trains must be out from farm area.

I have included;
– route
– timetable
– a session file which sets up the signals prior to start of operation.
– a log file contains the best result

Please note that this is best operated with a white background so the names show up clearly

NajamUddin has kindly provided a video file that shows how to signal the trains successfully

Download “Fruit Farm” – Downloaded 898 times – 61 KB

Download “Operational Video” Best-FruitFarm.7z – Downloaded 891 times – 512 KB

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