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Grand Station by jrbugi


Hi Guys,

This is a fictional route and first of all, this is my first route, so I hope everything will work well! 😉
I have played a lot of times, so I think you also will enjoy it!

The zip pack include:
-route (GrandStation.rly)
-timetable (GrandStation.ttb)
-performance logs (GrandStation.txt)
-two images of the railway
-and finally one session.  [Note:  For this to load correctly the regional format in Control Panel should be set to Hungarian]

If you have a question, do not hesitate:

I am planning my next route and that will be a real one! 😉

See you later guys!

created by: jrbugi

Download “Grand Station” – Downloaded 1047 times – 70 KB

See also the two videos below showing 40 minutes of operation without any significant delays.  But please try it for yourself first – you’ll find it a real challenge!  – Albert

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