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GRT Waterloo by BWJM


Routes 7, 8, 12, 92, 201 iExpress and ION in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

This highly simplified network covers the core section of Waterloo, omitting most outlying parts.  
The network only includes tracks which are actually used by this full timetable, with the 
exception of the ION Yards.

This timetable includes four standard bus routes, one express bus route and one ION light rail line.
Within reason, the timetable attempts to mimic reality.  Thus, the Route 7 Mainline branches are
properly interleaved and their destination signs do change at approximately the same locations 
along the route.  Additionally, Route 92 University Loop is timetabled as a rush hour only service 
with with shuttle feeders and finishers entering and exiting the network at the start and end of 
the route's service.

There are numerous routes serving the area covered by this network that are not included in this 
network or timetable.  Attempting to replicate all such routes would be an exercise in mind-numbing 
agony, and operating such a network would require multiple signalers with a taste for insanity.

Most services run on a 15-minute interval, though the Route 7 Mainline vehicles appear out of 
UptownWaterloo every 5 minutes, and Routes 8, 12 and 92 start vehicles in both directions 
simultaneously.  ION starts trains every five minutes, but it does not require any attention to 
be paid to it if you use automatic routes.

Included in this package is the full timetable with all six routes, plus six separate timetables, 
one for each route in case you want to start off easy.  More information about each route is included 
as comments in the timetable.  The timetables have been refined such that as long as you're on top 
of your signals, you should have 100% on-time performance.

That said, I hope you enjoy this simulation.  Sit down, buckle up and get ready because it gets 
busy fast.

Download “Waterloo GTA” – Downloaded 753 times – 489 KB

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