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New York MTA – Lower Manhattan by Laszlo Geller (jrbugi)

MTA_LowerManhattanHello guys!

This is a real one layout from New York city. 🙂
There are only one real one timetable, right now, but I am sure you will enjoy it!
There are some tiny glitch, but I will fix it as soon I have time for that!
But do not worry, the layout is fully playable!!!

So you can feel yourself as real one operator in New York city! 🙂
Have fun!
If you have question, do not hesitate to ask! 😉

Note:  Laszlo has included two session files with the railway, one saved soon after operation begins and one saved after an hour’s operation.  The original files use commas as decimal symbols and can be loaded directly for computers whose regional setting uses commas, but fail for computers that use a dot decimal symbol (like mine does).  I have therefore added copies of these files with dots in place of commas for computers that use dots.  Albert

Download “MTA_LowerManhattan” – Downloaded 1275 times – 696 KB

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