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Waterloo & City Line by Sam Wainwright

The Waterloo & City line runs between Waterloo and Bank in Central London. It was built by the London & South Western Railway in 1898 to provide access to the City from their new terminus at Waterloo.  It is the shortest line on the Underground, at only 2.5km, and only takes 4 minutes to travel from one end to the other.

The line was only transferred from British Rail ownership to London Underground in 1994. Trains are formed of 2-car 1992 Tube Stock trains; service trains are always formed of two trains coupled together – unless they are being washed. As a result of having been in BR ownership, the stock has been given a TOPS code of Class 482.

This layout is based on the Simsig ‘Drain’ simulation, with a few alterations to make life operationally easier (!). The timetable included with this layout starts with a basic 4tph in each direction service, which increases to 12tph for the peak hours. There is also a spare set which is split and washed during the day.

Download “Waterloo and City” – Downloaded 1476 times – 44 KB

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