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After celebrating 5 years of the new website, it was time to give it a more modern overhaul. As such some things have changed and some things are in the process of changing. We are still working to improve the user experience for all our community members!

Changelog (thusfar):

+ New Theme
+ New Layout
+ New Menu

o Reorganized Project Pages in the menu (for easier navigation)

– Removed all names (attribution) from the projects in the menu (ONLY in the menu! The page names were way too long for the menu to handle).

In Progress:

+ Updating ALL the static pages to the new format starting with all the functional pages, finishing with the project pages.
+ Creating templates for all static and project pages and changing the current pages over into the new templates.
+ Updating the menu structure to easier navigate through the site.


If you have any suggestions, remarks or have found any bugs, please let us know in the comments or use our contact page.

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