Timetable Tutorial 5 – Point to point, reverse, change to a new service, then return to starting location

A stopped train 1A50 is created at 06:00 at Lane Head station, leaves at 06:01 and travels to Fishburn, arriving at 06:02. There it changes direction at 06:03, and at 06:04 becomes new service 1A51, which departs at 06:05 to return to Lane Head, arriving 06:06 where it remains.

Outward service data is as follows: – Headcode: 1A50, description: Lane Head to Fishburn, starting speed 0km/h, maximum speed: 120km/h, mass: 250 tonnes, braking force: 25 tonnes, power: 2500kW.

Inward service data is as follows: – Headcode: 1A51, description: Fishburn to Lane Head (no other data is required)

Open  railway.exe  and Click    and then Click  Select Lane-Fish.rly Load railway
Click  then   
Type 06:00 then Click  Start Time
Type *Train 1A50 leaves Lane Head at 06:00 for Fishburn, where it changes direction and forms a new service 1A51, which returns to Lane Head and terminates. then Click  Comment
Type 1A50;Lane Head to Fishburn;0;120;250;25;2500 then Enter Service Data
Type 06:00;Snt;4-4 4-5 then Enter Start command
Type 06:01;Lane Head then Enter Departure from Lane Head
Type 06:02;Fishburn then Enter Arrival at Fishburn
Type 06:03;cdt then Enter Change direction
Type 06:04;Fns;1A51 then Enter Type 06:04;Fns;1A51 then Enter This is the command to finish and hand over to a new service, in this case 1A51 (Fns represents ‘Finish new service’). The new service 1A51 must have its own entry in the timetable and begin at the same time as this one finishes, i.e. 06:04.
Type 1A51;Fishburn to Lane Head then Enter This is the new service that carries on from 1A50. Since this is a new service the Service data is not repeated because it is the same as before. A new description can be given, as here, but this too can be omitted if required in which case the earlier description will be displayed in the train’s status information during operation.
Type 06:04;Sns;1A50 then Enter This is the starting command – ‘Sns’ represents ‘Start new service’. Note that the start time must be 06:04 to correspond to the finish time of the earlier linking service. The headcode of the earlier service 1A50 is also necessary so that the timetable knows which service to link back to.
Type 06:05;Fishburn then Enter  
Type 06:06;Lane Head then Enter  
Type Frh then Enter Finish remain here
Name it Lane-Fish 2.ttb then click Save  
Click  As before

This is slightly more complex and shows how to make a service change with a new headcode.

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