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New Project: Warsaw by LemiCandy

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and has the largest airport. This zone includes Chopin Airport station and a few others.

You will see different services like InterCity, TLK, SKM (Fast City Rail) and Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways). I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download it here

New Project: Tarnobrzeg by LemiCandy

Tarnobrzeg is a medium city located in Poland.
In this route you control the Tarnobrzeg signalling zone. Except at stations there is only one track, which makes operation a bit tricky!
It is my first map, so if I did something wrong you’re welcome to modify it.

Download it here

New Project: Newcastle Central Station by Josco

This is my first effort/submission and simulates the lines leading to and the platforms at Newcastle Central Station. There are 12 platforms within the station and traffic comes in from all four points of the compass.

There is a 24 hour timetable attached which is 90%+ accurate with the actual timetable for 24th April 2020 (date only chosen as is a birthday!). There are 374 trains and works well as a challenge. There were no real repeat services so all trains are, in effect, single items.

All preferred directions and auto signals are set in the attached session file. I have included a guidance document which details all the entries to the station and the descriptions of the journeys of each train. There is also a performance log from my last test run and it shows that the simulation works very well.

Download it here

New Project: Geneva by Krizar

This simulation covers the area surrounding the city of Geneva in Switzerland. Services are operated by Swiss national railways (SBBCFFFS). Included within the simulation is a depiction of a typical 2020 weekday timetable including services across the recent extension via Lancy towards Annemasse in France.

# Features
The route includes 23 stations with lines towards Geneva Airport, Bellegarde (France), Annemasse (France) and Lausanne:

РGen̬ve Cornavin
РGen̬ve Aeroport
РGen̬ve S̩cheron
– Les Tuileries
– Genthod Bellevue
– Creux-de-Genthod
– Versoix
РPont C̩ard
– Mies
– Tannay
– Coppet
– Vernier
– Meyrin
– Zimeysa
– Satigny
– Russin
– La Plaine
– Lancy Pont Rouge
– Lancy Bachet
РGen̬ve Champel
РGen̬ve Eaux-Vives
РCh̻ne Bourg

In addition sidings at Zimeysa, Meyrin and Lancy Pont Rouge have been included, as well as the western area of the Cornavin sidings (including Halle C). The original plan was to include all the Cornavin sidings however you only have to look at a map to see how ambitious a project that would be!

See for more information

Download it here

New Project: Newport (South Wales) by Caspar Gray

Newport is a 4 platform station on the South Wales Mainline between London and Swansea. It is a fairly major junction, with lines diverging to Hereford and Shrewsbury along the Marches line, and towards Ebbw Vale in the valleys.

It has plenty of passenger and freight traffic, with Great Western Railway services to London, Cardiff, Bristol, Taunton, and Portsmouth; Transport for Wales trains to Shrewsbury, Manchester, North Wales, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Swansea, and Milford Haven. Cross Country also run 1 train per hour between Cardiff and Nottingham via Birmingham.

The simulation only depicts the station area and surrounding junctions, just like the equivalent desk in the South Wales Control Centre. However, the sheer amount of trains will provide plenty of action for players. The simulation comes with three (yes, three!) timetables, so there is plenty for everyone. 1 is a fully realistic working day timetable with just shy of 400 trains in a 20 hour period. There is a simple, repeating timetable for those that don’t want to jump straight in the deep end, as well as a fun scenario timetable where the station becomes a terminus thanks to weekend improvement works. Full details can be found in the readme, and I have also compiled an operations manual for those who are unfamiliar of the area.

This is my first public ROS simulation, so all comments welcome. My discord name is Tortoise, and I welcome comments/feedback/criticism.

Be sure to read the Operations Guide included with the download.



PS, there are 50 hours of timetables included, so I may have got one or two things wrong. If so please let me know so I can fix them!

Download it here

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