North London Line by Krizar

This is a representation of the North London Line around the year 2023, at this time the route is operated by Transport for London as part of the London Overground network. Included within the simulation is the full route from Stratford to Richmond via Gospel Oak....

Toronto Union Station by BWJM

Minimum Required RailOS Version: The standard "Union Station Full" timetable requires a minimum program version of 2.15.0. The "Pre 2.15.0" timetable is backwards compatible with older versions. This map covers the Union Station Rail Corridor as well as the GO Transit...

New Program Version Released – v2.15.0

Please be on the lookout for errors and unexpected behaviour in this release as there have been many significant program changes, particularly in the timetable functions. I have tested them extensively but it is impossible to test exhaustively, so there may well be...

Westbury by Oxalin

Westbury is a small junction station on the Great Western Main Line between London and Cornwall. Most long distance services don't actually stop at Westbury, using the avoiding lines instead, however there are plenty of local and regional services through the station...

South West Main Line by Oxalin

This simulation covers the section of the South West Main Line from Southampton Central to Dorchester South. A timetable for March 2023 is included with the following services: – 1tph London Waterloo to Weymouth (SWR) – 1tph London Waterloo to Weymouth & Poole,...

Railway Operation Simulator (RailOS)

Become a desktop signaller with Railway Operation Simulator, it’s free! Create your own railways or download one of the many shared projects from this website 100% free of charge! Made your own project and want to share it? You can submit your own projects!

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We have been made aware that our software is being sold/translated/distributed in direct violation of the Open Source CC-BY-SA license under which Railway Operation Simulator is released. We want to make clear that we do not relate to nor endorse these derivatives. We also want to make very clear that we distance ourselves from such practices and we can not be held liable for any damages whether real and/or implied that may result from the use of these derivative software products.
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