New Program Version Released – v2.9.0

This update represents a bit of a tidy-up - adding features that should ideally have been added earlier. The main addition is to include preferred directions (PDs) in selected railway areas for cutting, copying, rotating etc. This omission had become an odd man out...

New Program Version Released – v2.8.0

The main change in this version is the ability to use the Windows clipboard so that areas of railway that are cut or copied can be pasted into another railway application. The user manual and on-screen help have been modified to explain the process in section 3.5....

Portsmouth Direct Line by Oxalin

The Portsmouth Direct Line splits from the South Western Main Line at Woking and runs through the South Downs to Portsmouth. This route represents the stretch from Shalford Junction (just south of Guildford) to Havant exclusive. The majority of the line is a simple...

Generic Long Distance Railway by Commuterpop

Is it the Swedish-Norwegian arctic ore line? Is it the transsiberian railroad? Or it a transcontinental railroad in the U.S.A. or Australia? We don't know. What we do know is that is a very long line (1148 km!) with heavy freight trains and long distances betweens the...

New Program Version Released – v2.7.0

This version incorporates a number of functional changes that will hopefully make operation easier as follows: In response to Josco's suggestion via Discord of adding information to trains listed in the 'actions due' panel this is now included. The same information as...

Railway Operation Simulator (ROS)

Become a desktop signaller with Railway Operation Simulator, it’s free! Create your own railways or download one of the many shared projects from this website 100% free of charge! Made your own project and want to share it? You can submit your own projects!

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