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New Project: Warsaw by LemiCandy

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and has the largest airport. This zone includes Chopin Airport station and a few others. You will see different services like InterCity, TLK, SKM (Fast City Rail) and Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways). I hope you’ll enjoy it!...

New Project: Tarnobrzeg by LemiCandy

Tarnobrzeg is a medium city located in Poland. In this route you control the Tarnobrzeg signalling zone. Except at stations there is only one track, which makes operation a bit tricky! It is my first map, so if I did something wrong you’re welcome to modify it. Enjoy!...

New Project: Newcastle Central Station by Josco

This is my first effort/submission and simulates the lines leading to and the platforms at Newcastle Central Station. There are 12 platforms within the station and traffic comes in from all four points of the compass. There is a 24 hour timetable attached which is...

New Project: Geneva by Krizar

This simulation covers the area surrounding the city of Geneva in Switzerland. Services are operated by Swiss national railways (SBBCFFFS). Included within the simulation is a depiction of a typical 2020 weekday timetable including services across the recent extension...

New Project: Newport (South Wales) by Caspar Gray

Newport is a 4 platform station on the South Wales Mainline between London and Swansea. It is a fairly major junction, with lines diverging to Hereford and Shrewsbury along the Marches line, and towards Ebbw Vale in the valleys. It has plenty of passenger and freight...

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