LK139, Zwardoń to Żywiec, Poland, by Fishu

This map represents half of the 139 railway in Poland from Zwardoń to Żywiec. The railway is located in southern Poland in the Beskids mountain range. This is one of the most beautiful railways in Poland. In this scenario you can expect Koleje Śląskie and PolRegio...

Krzyżanowice by Fishu

This map represents a small railway station in southern Poland in Upper Silesia region. Krzyżanowice railway station is located on 151 railway between Racibórz and Polish-Czech border. In the scenario you can expect Koleje Śląskie trains which are stopping on the...

New Program Version Released – v2.19.1

This version corrects a couple of issues relating to performance logging for zero powered rolling stock and trains prevented from departing due to another train in front. Earlier versions gave a 'departed at' log message when the timetabled departure time was reached...

East Midlands Region by JasonB

All Stations maintained by East Midlands Railways with all services . Timetable was Summer 2023 Download it here

S-bahn Berlin by fred6144

Take on the challenging Ringbahn which is one of the backbones of Berlin itself. With 27 stations and a 60 mins roundtrip of a complete circle on either S41 or S42. Along comes other services which use part of the ring itself. The service pattern is very dense with...

Railway Operation Simulator (RailOS)

Become a desktop signaller with Railway Operation Simulator, it’s free! Create your own railways or download one of the many shared projects from this website 100% free of charge! Made your own project and want to share it? You can submit your own projects!

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We have been made aware that our software is being sold/translated/distributed in direct violation of the Open Source CC-BY-SA license under which Railway Operation Simulator is released. We want to make clear that we do not relate to nor endorse these derivatives. We also want to make very clear that we distance ourselves from such practices and we can not be held liable for any damages whether real and/or implied that may result from the use of these derivative software products.
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