Peterborough by Oxalin

Peterborough is a large junction station on the East Coast Main Line in the UK. While most long distance services pass through without stopping, it is also the point at which several regional routes converge. Additionally, a large amount of the UK's freight traffic...

Xmas 2022 by the RailOS Dev Team

This map is a bit of fun to celebrate Christmas 2022, the signals are used to simulate Christmas lights for a festive feel. The purpose of this map is not to score highly, but rather just enjoy the lights flashing on and off. The only operation required is to loop the...

Shrewsbury by Krizar

This simulation covers an early morning from 6am – 10am at Shrewsbury railway station in Shropshire, UK. There are five origin points with services coming from Crewe, Chester, Birmingham, the South of Wales including Cardiff, and Mid-Wales including Aberystwyth and...

Merseyrail by mathstrains19

The Merseyrail network is mostly controlled by Sandhills IECC. Included is the route for the entire network, and a representation timetable over 6 hours. The following services are included: 4tph New Brighton – Liverpool 4tph West Kirby – Liverpool 4tph Chester –...

Blackpool by Oxalin

Blackpool is a popular seaside resort in Lancashire, England. The line from Preston splits just before Blackpool, with the main route continuing straight in to Blackpool North, and a single track branch line looping round and in from the south to Blackpool South. A...

Railway Operation Simulator (RailOS)

Become a desktop signaller with Railway Operation Simulator, it’s free! Create your own railways or download one of the many shared projects from this website 100% free of charge! Made your own project and want to share it? You can submit your own projects!

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