You want to share your projects, designs, routes and timetables with the rest of the Railway Operator Simulator (RailOS) community? We’d love to add them, as a matter of fact, we’d invite you to come forward and add your own creations to our community.

The below manual to publish your route may seem like a lot to do, but as a matter of fact, I’m sure that by the time you think about publishing, you might have done most of it anyway.

What do I have to have?

To add a route or project to our website, you need a few things:

  • A program to zip your files, a free program like 7zip will do the trick. Be sure to make it a .zip file as Windows has the capability to open .zip files by default, but not .rar, .7z or other exotic formats.
  • A working route. Please note that we can only publish work that is your own creation or developed from existing RailOS railways.
  • At least 1 (simple) working timetable.
  • A screenshot of your route (using the program)
  • A description of your route. Be sure to include whether it’s a fictional route or a real one. Also mention some operational notes that may be important in running it.
Optionally, you may want to think about the next items:
  • Have all the preferred directions set in your route.
  • Have a session file, with all the automated routes set-up.
  • Additional information, like a .csv timetable or other exports that might be usefull.
  • An example performance log of about an half hour worth of playtime.

What do I have to do?

Well, if you meet the above requirements, adding your file is simple:

  • Create an account for this community website.
  • After you will have access to the dashboard of the website, and you will be able to submit news, updates and information about your project(s).
  • Upload your project below:

This contact form is available only for logged in users.

Railway not ready for submission yet?

If you have a railway in development that you wish to share with others and make available for collaboration then KR/ZAR (Discord name) has set up a site at for that purpose.  Please contact him via Discord for access and when submitting it please adhere to all the site’s requirements.

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