Two trains, 1A60 and 1A62 enter from Higham and Ash Green respectively, one minute apart, and meet at Mile Oak where 1A62 joins 1A60 at 06:03. 1A60 then continues on to Claygate.

Data for first service:- Headcode: 1A60, description: Higham to Claygate; starting speed: 120km/h, maximum speed: 120km/h, mass: 250 tonnes, braking force: 25 tonnes, power: 2500kW.

Data for second service:- Headcode: 1A62, description: Ash Green to Claygate; starting speed: 120km/h, maximum speed: 120km/h, mass: 250 tonnes, braking force: 25 tonnes, power: 2500kW.

 Open  railway.exe  and Click    and then Click  Select Mile Oak.rly  Load railway
 Click  then 
 Type 06:00 then Click   Timetable start time.
 Type *Separate trains enter from Higham and Ash Green, join at Mile Oak, then continue on to Claygate.  Comment
 Type 1A60;Higham to Claygate;120;120;250;25;2500 then Enter  First service data.
 Type 06:00;Snt;1-2 1-3 then Enter  Start command
 Type 06:01;Mile Oak then Enter  Arrival at Mile Oak
 Type 06:03;jbo;1A62 then Enter  This is the ‘joined by other train’ command. This train is joined by another train whose headcode is 1A62 and then continues on. The other train finishes when it joins this one.
 Type 06:04;Mile Oak then Enter  Depart from Mile Oak
 Type 06:05;Fer;4-19 then Enter  Exit railway at 06:05
 Type 1A62;Ash Green to Claygate;120;120;250;25;2500 then Enter  This is the other service that enters one minute later than the first
 Type 06:01;Snt;4-2 4-3 then Enter  This train enters at the Ash Green Link
 Type 06:02;Mile Oak then Enter  Arrival at Mile Oak – remember during operation to bring it into the same platform as the first, they have to be touching to join!Normally a call-on will be required to allow a joining train to join another train, but remember to set the points correctly for the second train to enter the same platform as the first or the call-on won’t be offered.
 Type 06:03;Fjo;1A60 then Enter  The ‘Finish join other train’ command. The join time must be the same as the ‘jbo’ command for the train that is to be joined, and that train’s headcode must be given – 1A60
 Name it Mile Oak 1.ttb then click Save
 Click   As before
  • Eva Maria Gongora

    Hello, I would like to know how to towing a damaged train, with a special train service.


    • Albert

      Hi Eva,

      Sadly you can’t tow away a derailed or crashed train, these can only be removed under signaller control. But you can simulate a disabled train and tow it away using the ‘join’ process described above. In the above example let’s say 1A60 breaks down at Mile Oak, needing to be rescued. In this case the rescuing train is 1A62, which joins 1A60 and both then continue on with the original designation 1A60. The downside with this is that it all has to be preplanned and entered into the timetable before operation. There is no way to allow a train to break down during operation as a random event.
      I hope that helps, though I suspect it isn’t quite what you wanted.
      Best Regards,

      • Eva Maria Gongora

        Yes, that’s what I needed to know, because doubt I had was that if I had to stop the train manually, or schedule it all in the time-table.

        Thanks so much for the help.

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