IMPORTANT NOTE:  During development this railway revealed a program error relating to maximum train speeds.  To run properly it requires the latest program version v1.3.1 – click here to download it.

Chiltern Railways v2Here is the updated version v2.00 of Chiltern Railways.  It incorporates several important changes to the route (for the purpose of realism and ease of operation) as well as corrections to some of the faults found in v1.00 Timetable.

All the changes are explained in the notes PDF included in the zip file attached.  But FYI the key changes are:-

  • Removal of Marylebone TMD
  • Change in layout of Wembley LMD and its sidings for the purpose of realism.
  • Change in layout of Aylesbury, Aylesbury TMD and Aylesbury Vale Parkway for the purpose of realism.
  • Changes in platforming of some services at Marylebone to reduce the number of inbound trains that cross the path of outbound trains
  • Sig 59-13 introduced near Princes Risborough to act as a “holding point” for trains waiting on the single line from Aylesbury for faster trains on the Up Main to pass

I have not included a session file.   Instead I prefer the use of the Preset Automatic Signal Routes button once the railway and timetable are loaded.  Instructions are in the notes file within the attached ZIP file.


Ian Walker

zip Chiltern Railways

Filesize: 97.58 kB
Version: v2.00
Downloads: 965 Downloads
Download: [Download here]
  • KJ

    absolutely fantastic! keep up the good work

  • Nigel Morgan

    Great sim! I have some pics of the new layout at Princes Risborough if Ian would like them. I can try and get signal numbers for the revised layout if possible. The main difference is that the old Up line has become the Up platform line and there is now a through road in between the up platform line & the down main which is known as Up Main Line or UML.

    • Ian Walker

      Hi Nigel – yes please I would be very interested. Am glad you like the sim. Watch out for my next project – Crewe – which will be coming in the next week- 10 days (or so).

      • Nigel Morgan

        Hi Ian, sorry I haven’t sent the pics, but I’m waiting to get some shots of the line south of P-R in order to get the signal numbers of the turnouts/X-overs for the new through line (now Up Main). I’ll see if I can take a trip down to P-R in the next week or so. I already have some pics which I can send you via YouSendit.

        Good luck with the project!

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