Naarden Bussum, the new track by Bjorn Verzijlbergh, covers the actual track between the Dutch stations of Naarden-Bussum in the west and Baarn/Hollandsche Rading in the (south)east. This track is located between Amsterdam and Utrecht, and is quite heavily used. Expect a slow start, but within half an hour, you will have your hands full.

In the folder, you will find the track itself (ofcourse), a timetable (also in txt/csv formats) and the overview images. The timetable, as stated above, is both great for beginners as well as more seasoned controllers. Have fun!

Update Notice: The latest update has some tracks and signals added, as well as a completely re-checked timetable. The intercity-trains now give you a minute more to let them pass towards the other trains. They arrive earler, yet at the station the stop-services wait longer. So you have a bit more time to let them pass at Hilversum and Naarden-Bussum.

If you have any remarks or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

zip Naarden Bussum

Filesize: 156.62 kB
Version: 0.3
Downloads: 806 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

Older Versions:

zip Naarden Bussum

Filesize: 16.06 kB
Version: 0.2
Downloads: 657 Downloads
Download: [Download here]

zip Naarden Bussum

Filesize: 121.53 kB
Version: 0.1
Downloads: 920 Downloads
Download: [Download here]
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  • Albert

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’ve just enjoyed an excellent operating session with your new railway and although it starts off nice and gently it soon becomes a real challenge!  Planning ahead definitely pays off (which I didn’t do initially).  I particularly liked the way that passing trains have to be carefully interleaved to avoid delays – I failed in that too early on.  I spotted a minor error!  The stopping service from Amsterdam to Nijmegen – TN01, TN02 etc enters at Weesp and should exit (I think) at Amersfoort, whereas currently the timetable has it also exiting at Weesp.  A quick adjustment to the timetable for the TN01 ‘Fer’ entry at 07:35 from 0-3 0-4 to 86-15 86-16 puts things right.

    Best Regards


    • As a matter of fact, the update has been released 🙂

  • Hey Albert,

    Thanks for pointing that out… I have found a few minor errors myself as well… I’ll release an update prety soon 🙂



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