Calling all code developers!

The Railway Operation Simulator is an open-source project which means that there is public access to the source code.

The files (written in Borland’s C++ Builder 4 Professional) are available at for read-only access.  ‘DeveloperGuide.doc’ in the ‘master’ folder provides a summary of program history, structure, operation and interfaces, and also explains the file structure (click the document and select ‘View raw’, and open with an application that will read Word 2003 files).

Anyone wishing to contribute to further development should create a GitHub account then contact me via this website with evidence of proficiency and I’ll provide write access to the files.  Version control is provided by ‘Git’ or ‘Subversion’, so anyone wishing to contribute needs to be familiar with one or other of these systems – plenty of information is available on the web and it’s not difficult to learn the basics.

Although the program is fully usable now, there remains great potential for further development. Some ideas include:-

  • automatic route setting;
  • option to use & display imperial units as well as metric units;
  • ability to record and replay sessions;
  • addition of automatic signal routes over level crossings, with train-triggered crossing opening
  • multi-player operation over the internet;
  • signalbox mode where individual signals and points are operated directly, perhaps via a graphical lever frame, with user-defined interlocking;
  • sound effects, e.g. enter a track ID & hear trains & station announcements at that location;
  • random failures of trains, signals & points etc, and random delay times at stations;
  • incorporation of user-defined graphics;
  • variable train lengths;
  • restricted routes – e.g. DC 3 & 4 rail, 25kV AC, tube lines and so on;
  • etc. etc.

So… there’s plenty still to do… what are you waiting for?

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