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Barnham and Ford (Collaborative Project by the ROSDevTeam)

# Barnham and Ford, West Sussex, UK
This is a representation of the small section of railway between Barnham and Ford, including the junctions to the East and West of the two stations. Services along this route are operated by Southern Railway with the occasional GWR service.
## Simulation
This is the second team route to be created and has been constructed as a demo for dividing and joining services.
The simulation includes a simple weekday morning timetable, however, the emphasis of this route is to give developers a canvas for them to develop their own timetables which could also involve splits and joins reminiscent of timetables in the early 2000s, with services from London towards Bognor Regis/Portsmouth dividing at Barnham.
## Development
We welcome all developers to contribute to this route including, as mentioned above, timetables. You can submit any contributions on the Railway Operations Simulator GitHub organisation [here] (
If you require any assistance in creation of a timetable or submitting it through GitHub, then visit the helpdesk channel on the ROS community Discord and we’ll be happy to help.

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