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Earls Court by Keith Hazelton



This is my second layout using Albert Ball’s superb program, and after the relative calm of the Aldgate Junction, things get a bit more hectic with Earl’s Court.

I have used the Quail Track Diagrams map  book but certain junctions have been simplified especially the Triangle Sidings and the throat of High Street Kensington station. The positions of the signals are pure guesswork as I have no diagrams of the actual layout. If anyone has access to the real-life signalling diagram please let me know!

Although the simulation starts at 0600, we get into the intensive rush-hour service pattern straight away. I know that in the real WTT early morning services turn short at Earls Court and High Street Kensington, but the aim of my timetable is to give a flavour of what it must be like to control an area with so many trains coming from and to every direction.

I have included a Headcode Reference on the map itself so that you can tell at a quick glance which service each train is on.

I’ve also designed the map to fit onto one screen as long as you have a wide screen monitor and are using 1920×1080 resolution.

The service pattern is as follows:

Ealing to Victoria
Wimbledon to Victoria
Wimbledon to Edgware Road
Edgware Road to Victoria (Circle Line)
Olympia shuttle

With the exception of the Olympia service which runs every 15 minutes, all the services have a 6 minute frequency. All services are set to repeat 20 times then stop. Feel free to edit the timetable if that isn’t enough fun!

I have included a session file which sets up the automatic signals prior to operation.

I am also working on an extended version of this simulation with the District branches to Ealing Broadway/Richmond and Wimbledon covered to each termini. As I write this I have the map more or less done(see below), but the timetable is proving to be a formidable task. Keep checking the website for updates.

Keith Hazelton

4 April 2012

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