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Highbury & Islington to Brockley by Anthony Sheehy

Highbury & Islington to Brockley – London Overground

This part of the London Overground network is a combination of the old East London Line (originally run by A-Class underground) and the North London Line with an extension to connect the two. It runs through the oldest shield-bore tunnel in the World – the first tunnel to traverse a navigable river.

This is a real world track that includes the Current TFL Sunday timetable (2019). Now, before you think “Easy like Sunday morning” it starts quietly, but London is a busy city. The timetable changes every couple of hours to increase traffic to a train every few minutes. There are two termini and five destinations – two reached via Brockley, two via Queen’s Road Peckham, and the New Cross shuttle that runs between New Cross and Dalston Junction. There is Silwood sidings, the depot.

Limitations: Some speed limits are guesses and the signal configuration is guessed. Sorry about that! But you will be too busy to worry about that. There are also additional signals at Silwood that are not on the signalling maps. There is also a turning point. These have been added to make the operation work.

Operational notes: Trains turn at the termini, and New Cross, and (only first thing in the morning) at New Cross Gate. Other crossovers (at Shadwell, Canada Water) are not used. Watch out for trains at “Turning” – they are unsignalled, and unless the track is set, they will derail! They throw up a warning when they do depart. You can dismiss the warning by right clicking on it. The Southeast bound trains for Queen’s Road Peckham use an underpass.

Watch for clashes between empty-from-depot trains and timetabled trains. Let the empty trains through first generally.


Download “Highbury & Islington to Brockley” – Downloaded 120 times – 64 KB

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