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Plennwell IECC by Glenn Mitchell

Plennwell IECC – my latest route. Totally fictional as I posted on the UKTS thread. The zipped file includes the latest version of the railway, a part-timetable and an automatic signals session to make life a bit easier.  Note that it’s not fully tested so if there are any bugs please let me know.

This release includes:
Airport Stopping Services (every 15 minutes)
Tinborough-Easton Semi Fast Services (Every Hour)
Mainline Intercity Services (4 Fast, 1 Stopping per Hour)
The lines are fairly self explanatory by looking at the linespeeds but this is the “backbone” –

Up/Down Main Slow
Up/Down Main Fast (Or Up/Down Main towards the ends of the area)
Up/Down Suburban (Between Plennwell North and Plennwell South)
Up/Down Docks
Up/Down Airport
Up/Down Riverside Lines (Yaxbury Bay – Lenston)
Up/Down Midchester
Twistford Branch
Twistbridge Branch
Lowdale Branch

Best Wishes

Download “Plenwell IECC” – Downloaded 906 times – 154 KB

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