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New Project Added: Gyor, Hungary by Laszlo Geller (jrbugi)


Hello everyone this is a real one layout from Hungary. Gyor is one of the most important and busy railway and line (nr.1) in Hungary.
I hope you will enjoy it!
Every important file are in the *.zip file!

Have fun!

Ps.: This timetable is also real one, but this timetable does NOT include the freight and other trains movement! (If there will be claim for it, then I will do that.)

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New Project Added: New York MTA – Lower Manhattan by Laszlo Geller


This is a real one layout from New York city. :)
There are only one real one timetable, right now, but I am sure you will enjoy it!
There are some tiny glitch, but I will fix it as soon I have time for that!
But do not worry, the layout is fully playable!!!

So you can feel yourself as real one operator in New York city! :)
Have fun!
If you have question, do not hesitate to ask! ;)

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New Project Added: Grand Station by jrbugi

This is a new fictitious station simulation which is a lot trickier to operate than it looks!

Good luck!

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And – just when you were thinking that it couldn’t be done without severe delays (like I was – Albert), jrbugi has kindly uploaded two videos to Youtube to prove that it can!

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