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Zakopane by LemiCandy

This scenario will move you to Tatra Mountains. Zakopane is a popular polish city located in mountains, a lot of tourists go there. Try signalling, traffic might be busy!
I wish you much fun!

Download it here

Generic Traffic Control Center by Commuterpop

This is a fictional, however realistic and challenging simulation of a traffic control center workstation.

It is composed of picked and mixed interesting real world track and timetable designs as well as pieces inspired but adapted, to give you a stimulating experience.

The main line runs between two bigger cities, one with local and regional traffic. In between you have several cities with different traffic needs.

The simulation runs between 04.00 to 16.00, thus covering different types of traffic through the day:
– the last hours of the night freight traffic
– the startup of the day traffic
– morning rush hours
– daytime passenger traffic
– daytime local freight traffic, including some shunting

NOTE: Two sets of two session files are included, one with a dot (full stop) as the decimal point, and the other with a comma as the decimal point. Please use the set that is appropriate for your country and discard the other set.

Download it here

Lund by Stefan Fjellander

The Swedish town of Lund is building a tram system, with currently one route. It will open to the public in December 2020, but the frequency during rush hours (06-09) has been published. Here’s the map of the tracks and a temporary timetable (which will be edited when the final one is published).

Intended for right-hand traffic. Included is a .ttb timetable, but also a fancier timetable in a more readable style.

Download it here

Glasgow Central by LemiCandy

With this railway you control Glasgow Central – a station located in the center of Glasgow. The station has 15 platforms, so it’s quite a challenge.
Furthermore, you have to direct all trains into a correct zone – West Coast Main Line, Cathcart Circle or West Street.
Have fun!

Download it here

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