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The main feature of this release is the option to load railways and sessions with signals on the right hand side of the track, which is very common for non-uk railways. The option is selected before any railway is loaded so existing railway and session files can be loaded with right hand signals where appropriate. Other than in appearance the signals work as before.

Other changes include:-

a) Timetable clock speeds have been extended to include 1/8 and 1/16 real time. This is to make operation of very large railways easier. Also the time taken for points and level crossing barrier changing and route setting have been kept at their normal values for slower clock speeds, to prevent long waiting times for slower speed operation. At higher clock speeds these durations shorten in proportion.

b) The ‘Actions Due’ panel has been modified to prevent track and train information from being displayed when they lie behind the panel – thanks to Xeon for spotting and reporting this error.

c) An error in the user manual and help files has been corrected.  ‘Paste with attributes’ was claimed to retain preferred directions as well as track properties. In fact it doesn’t retain preferred directions as these are not stored as track properties and keeping them would be a difficult programming task. Re-establishing them for a moved section of track is normally quite quick.

d) The user manual and help files have been updated in line with the above changes and the timetable error messages document has also been updated to correct a few errors and to make some explanations clearer.

e) Changes have been made to text and graphics handling functions to make memory usage more efficient. There had been failures when loading very large session files, especially those containing very many trains. These changes provide more memory space for such files.

The new version is available here

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