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This is a relatively minor change, the main aspect of which is the addition of underpasses, also serving as surface-level foot crossings.  These function exactly the same as footbridges and are added to improve accuracy rather than functionality.  You will see that for these the track lies over the crossing rather than underneath it. The only restriction to be aware of during construction is that an underpass element won’t link to a footbridge element.  On the track build panel the new elements are located next to the existing footbridges.  Note that railways and sessions that include underpasses won’t load in program versions earlier than v2.3.1.

Some of the more obscure warning messages have been expanded to improve clarity.

The only other change is a bug fix where the program crashed when very large numbers were entered for timetable repeat values.  Thanks to Albie Vowles for finding and reporting this error.

The new version is available here

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