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Version 2.4.1 Beta has now been available for over a month and has had over 180 downloads, so we think (hope) that the most significant bugs have been found, reported and corrected. The latest version is released as 2.4.2 rather than 2.5.0 because although there have been slight functional changes they are quite minor, the main changes from a programming point of view have been bug fixes.

VERSION CHANGES AFTER v2.4.1 Beta for v2.4.2

Text is now plotted after station platforms and concourse and non-station named locations so platform numbers can be placed over named location elements instead of being hidden by them. In fact this was added for 2.4.0 but mention of it was overlooked.

Many more keyboard shortcut keys have been added so that most buttons now have a shortcut. The button hint (shown when the mouse hovers over a button) indicates the shortcut.

The user manual & on-screen help have been updated in line with these additions.

[Bug fix] A points check has been added in the check for a train entering a route in the wrong direction. Thanks are due to Xeon for reporting this error.

[Bug fix] A SPAD error could occur when trains entered at a continuation with zero or very low speed. This was a new fault introduced during the development of train failures and has been corrected in this release. Thanks are due to Micke (Commuterpop) for reporting this.

The new version is available here

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