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This is a relatively minor ‘tidy up’ release.  It adds a few features that improve usability and operation, and corrects a couple of bugs.

Functional changes:

When a train changes direction under timetable control at a location other than at buffers there is usually a redundant route left in the original direction. The program now removes these unwanted routes automatically up to the next facing signal.

All types of finish event are now permitted immediately after a new train is declared (‘Snt’) apart from Fns-sh & Frh-sh.

Facing signals can now be allowed next to bridges if the user chooses it – this is useful for working on old railways without having to change them or for new densely packed railways. A warning is given that such signals can’t be used as route truncate points, but it is now up to the user to decide whether or not that risk matters.

The distance/speed selection warning that all track lengths will be set to the specified value is now only given once.

A few timetable error messages have been clarified.

Bug fixes:

For distance/speed setting the selected track length should show in magenta for easy identification, but prior to this release it was overridden by the normal colour when set.

Track information showed when the mouse was positioned over the timetable editor, this has now been corrected.

Download it here

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