IMPORTANT NOTE: in this release there are two new files in the Railway folder – IndyCore260.bpl and IndySystem260.bpl. These must be copied to the folder on your computer where the new version of railway.exe resides or it won’t work.

The main change in this version is the ability to skip timetabled events in order to compensate for late running. This feature is described in detail in the user manual and on-screen help in section 6.12.

Other changes:

If a train is behind the performance or actions due panel when it is left-clicked in the list of actions due it is now centred on screen rather than just having the mouse arrow indicate where it is without any information. This corrects an oversight in the last release.

The minimum track element length has been reduced to 10m from 20m in response to user requests.

The default track element length (100m) and speed limit (200km/h) have been included in the configuration file Config.txt. These can now be changed by editing that file (instructions are included in the file) and reloading it from the ‘Mode’ menu. Note that background colour, signal handedness and default file locations can’t be changed by direct editing.

The user manual and on-screen help have also been updated to reflect these changes.

Download it here

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