This version incorporates a number of functional changes that will hopefully make operation easier as follows:

In response to Josco’s suggestion via Discord of adding information to trains listed in the ‘actions due’ panel this is now included. The same information as is selected via the ‘information’ menu is shown when the user hovers over a headcode and clicks the right mouse button. The mouse button click was added instead of just plain hovering to avoid distraction when the information isn’t needed.

There are now two options available when selecting preferred direction (green) routes. The green route selection button is split into upper and lower halves, the upper half working as before where the route is built by clicking on each consecutive signal (or buffer/continuation at the ends) – this reflects normal practice. The lower half button allows routes to be built from signal to any following signal (or buffer/continuation at the ends). Routes built in this way must still follow preferred directions, so should be more accurate first time than unrestricted routes that don’t have to follow preferred directions. In fact this change was suggested by Bjorn years ago!

When a train exits at a continuation and there are two or more possible exits to choose from, there is currently no way during operation to know which is/are designated as correct in the timetable. The exit element identifier (ID) is shown only if the exit isn’t named. In this version the allowable exit IDs are listed in the timetable information window. This change was prompted by my abysmal performance at the last signalling social when operating Liverpool St to Romford. I repeatedly sent trains out from Romford on the slow line when they should have used the fast line – don’t tell anybody!  I won’t have that excuse in future so I’ll have to find a new one.

When a train was stopped at a signal and a call-on offered and accepted, the time to act remained ‘NOW’ until it passed the signal. That was inappropriate so now as soon as a call-on is accepted the train is removed from the list.

The manual and on-screen help have been updated in accordance with these changes as have the file specifications.

One correction was made relating to train colours:

I noticed that on returning a train to timetable control at a stop location after being under signaller control the train colour changed to ‘running’ (grey) when the route in front cleared, even though the train wasn’t due to depart. The colour should have remained pale green (stopped at location) until the departure time. The fault was found and corrected.

Download it here

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