The main change in this version is the ability to use the Windows clipboard so that areas of railway that are cut or copied can be pasted into another railway application. The user manual and on-screen help have been modified to explain the process in section 3.5.

Minor changes:

1. After selecting an area of railway in track build mode the track elements now become visible so that the selected area can more easily be filled with a particular element.

2. If an area of railway was cut and moved and then cancelled, it used to be pasted in the new position which wasn’t appropriate, so now it’s pasted back in its original position.

3. It was found that if a route was set for a call-on into a platform where there was already a train, and that train changed direction, the route was cancelled. It happened because of an earlier change that cancelled stub routes ahead of a train when it changed direction and the excess route beyond the train was no longer wanted, but the route direction wasn’t checked so any route was cancelled. Now the route direction is checked and only routes leading away from the train are cancelled.

4. It was found that a route could be set across a level crossing that had only just begun to close to trains if the route setting was done very quickly. The final signal before the crossing stayed at red so trains would be protected but the route was present and shouldn’t have been. The program check routine has now been modified to include routes that are in course of being set in addition to routes already set.

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