This update represents a bit of a tidy-up – adding features that should ideally have been added earlier.

The main addition is to include preferred directions (PDs) in selected railway areas for cutting, copying, rotating etc. This omission had become an odd man out since the other track attributes were included some time ago. It was left because although PD elements are derived from track elements the data they embody is stored separately from other track data, so new selection and manipulation functions were necessary to capture and manage them. These functions are now included and work with all types of selection, including use of the Windows clipboard.

Another addition is to include a check function able to find and highlight potential PD conflicts. When building PDs it is very easy to miss short segments of track, especially on one leg of a set of points, leaving them without any PD and thereby preventing automatic and PD routes being set across them. The check function is available in the ‘Edit’ menu in PD mode and is explained in section 4 of the manual and on-screen help.

Level crossings are now included in zoom-out mode, and they are shown flashing for manual crossings that are open to trains without any routes across them. This is to remind users to close them because heavy time penalties are incurred if they are forgotten – which I’ve done to my cost more than once! To further remind users about such level crossings a warning icon is also shown flashing on the left hand side of the screen.

Download it here

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