This release corrects a number of bugs and inappropriate behaviours as follows:

A temporary speed restriction could be applied immediately a session was loaded prior to play starting. A new condition prevents this, though one could still be applied as soon as play starts.

A train on an automatic signals route that was stopped at or approaching a failed signal didn’t show in the actions due list. This has now been corrected.

A train stopped under signaller control without power had an action due time of ‘NOW’ and a normal background colour. This wasn’t appropriate so now it isn’t included in the actions due list and the background colour is caramel – stopped under signaller control.

It was found that the estimated action time for the ‘next’ action in the train information window was often incorrect. This has been made more accurate when an estimate can be given and no time is provided when it can’t.

After making the actions due panel movable outside the railway screen area the main area often lost focus, causing some shortcut keys to become inactive. Regular checks are now made within the program for mouse position so that whenever it is within the main screen area it regains focus and the shortcut keys work as before.

Thomas Groenewold submitted an error file that showed that a specific track element had suffered two temporary speed restrictions (TSRs) and both were stored. That wasn’t appropriate. The error was thrown when the second TSR reached its repair time but was found not to be in the failed state. Only one TSR can now apply at any time to a track element, as already applies for points and signals. Thanks to Thomas for reporting this error.

All references to ‘ROS’ as the abbreviation for Railway Operation Simulator have now been changed to ‘RailOS’, to avoid conflict with the same abbreviation that is for Robot Operating System. If anyone finds any that have been missed please let me know – thanks.

BummerDude69 noticed that the CTRL and SHIFT keys were missing from the shortcut key listing in the manual and on-screen help for adjusting the viewpoint position movement amount. These have now been included and thanks are due to BummerDude69 for pointing it out.

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