This is largely a bug fix version: the only behavioural change is an improvement in the warnings given when using timetable alphabetical mode. These make it much less likely that an alphabetical timetable will overwrite a non-alphabetical version in error.

Bugs fixed:

On-screen help was hidden behind the main screen, it now displays in front as it should. No-one complained about this so it must not be used very often.

Gap graphics persisted after flashing during build and operation, now corrected.

It was possible to have multiple “Must select valid signal…” messages during route searches in some circumstances. The reason was traced to a particular feature of the search function which has now been amended to ensure that the message is only displayed once.

It was found that when truncating a route that leads to buffers or continuation, the signal in a linked rear route didn’t change to red as it should. This was a bug introduced in v2.15.0 that has now been corrected.

When testing a new railway (Crewe) it was found that trains waiting to enter at a continuation could crash even though the route was protected by a signal if an earlier train was removed under signaller control. This was traced to an error in the removal function and has now been corrected.

Download it here

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