New feature:

A new ‘Expand repeats’ button has been provided in the timetable editor – enabled when a repeating service is selected. It expands the service into separate equivalent services. For example a service that repeats every 30 minutes with 2 digits increase per repeat and 8 repeats in all can be expanded into 9 separate services at 30 minute intervals, consisting of the original service and 8 repeats. In addition every service that links to the repeat – splits, joins and new services – will also expand similarly.

This can be very useful when developing timetables that have similar services but with different stopping patterns, uneven headcodes or timings. This is usually the case with real timetables. A repeat service is created first from the first such service in the real timetable, then expanded, and each separate service edited to correspond with later services in the real timetable. This is normally a much faster process than repeated copying and pasting, especially if there are several linked services.

It has been provided in recognition of the missing documentation for the utility ‘json2ttb’, which was able to create multiple services in a similar manner but the earlier links to its documentation are now broken, so although it is still provided new users are very unlikely to be able to use it without documentation.

Bugs and behavioural changes:

Further testing revealed a number of bugs in v2.16.1 and earlier which have been corrected in this version.

When loading an old session file trains lost their descriptions, these have now been re-instated.

After loading an old session file and resaving as a new session, the program entered an infinite loop on reloading. This was traced to an error in saved train description data that has now been corrected.

A couple of signal sequencing errors were found (a) following a forced route cancellation and (b) after reloading a session that was saved while signals on a continuation route were in course of updating after a train had exited. The faults were inadequacies in the signal sequencing functions that had been patched a number of times to cater for earlier new features. All these functions have now been re-written to get rid of the existing patches and (hopefully) to avoid the need for further patching.

An error in the location name edit function when using extended characters has been corrected.

Minor improvement – In the timetable editor the timetable name has been moved more to the left to avoid overlapping the existing ‘single entry’ text.

Download it here

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