New and changed features:

This version adds the ability to set timetabled event reminders for any train under timetable control. It was suggested indirectly by Flyin9 Scotsman and is such a useful feature that I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before. It works in the same way as timetabled and automatic warnings in that the event is repeated at the top of the display in the scrolling warning log and also in the performance log, and these are now accomanied by three short beeps to draw attention to the reminder/warning if sound is turned on. The warning log has also been made more prominent in that the current warning is in bold red text, whereas earmier warnings are shown in regular blue text.

***Please note that sessions that have reminders and are saved in this version will fail to load in earlier program versions.***

The ‘actions due’ panel behaviour has been modified to avoid the annoying rapid switching of trains in the list. This was due to frequent updating of the list where times to act were recalculated and often changed order because the calculations weren’t precise. This was frustrating when clicking on a particular train, only to find that an update had changed the list and the wrong train was clicked. Now the regular updates are much less frequent, but are immediate when a new route has been set or cancelled, so there is no delay for events that have a direct effect on the times. It is still possible for an update to change the list order but it should be very much less noticeable.

All timetable restrictions apart from movement for unpowered rolling stock have now been removed, e.g. direction changes, splits, description changes, change of service etc. These were only in place (I think) because it didn’t seem appropriate to allow such events, but on further thought I don’t think that’s a good reason. I can’t recall any more serious reason and hope there wasn’t one, none has come to light during testing anyway.

Bugs found:

There was an error in the ‘skip timetabled events’ function where the last event was sometimes left off the list, this now works properly.

Bugs have been corrected in both train split functions where an error could be triggered inappropriately after the split had taken place.

Download it here

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