The main change in this release is something that I hope won’t be noticed at all – compilation using version 11.3 of C++Builder. Although this shouldn’t cause any changes I did see one peculiarity – the actions due and performance panels displayed slightly smaller than before. I don’t know why that happened but I could easily compensate by increasing their size. I hope that’s the only difference but please be on the lookout for any differences, especially in the display, and let me know if you find any – thanks.

Stephen Smith suggested retaining the existing loaded railway when a user starts to load another railway but thinks better of it and cancels the load, rather than clearing the existing railway as before this release. Not only did he suggest this but offered the code change as well – which I was happy to incorporate – how good is that! I only wish that happened more often!

I discovered an error in the timetable editor when changing the order of a timetable to alphabetical or time order. The ‘Validate timetable’ button was available after changing the order, but instead of validating the revised order it validated the original order. The reason was that the timetable is stored in two forms: the original .ttb file, and an array of entries that is used internally by the program. When the order is changed only the array changes, not the .ttb file, but when ‘Validate timetable’ is clicked it validates the .ttb file, not the array. In most cases this wouldn’t matter, but in some cases it could, and a misleading result would be given. Now that button is unavailable until the timetable is saved, which saves the array as a .ttb file (and warns the user that the change will be permanent).

A small change was made in skipping timetabled events. I added a message that nothing will be skipped after the departure if the next event is selected (nothing was skipped earlier but no message was given). This was because of a query on discord (ticket 36).

Download it here

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