Gautrain, South Africa


This railway is based on a section of the Gautrain Rapid Rail system which operates in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

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The trains in daily operation are ATP-equipped Bombardier Electrostar EMUs that run in consists of 4- or 8-cars and general on-track machines during engineering hours. The included timetable in v1.0 is based on an actual Tuesday to Friday 10 minute headway pattern on the E-Line (Airport Line).  v2.0 incorporates an additional timetable for 30-20-30 minute headway based on Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday pattern

An updated timetable is included in v3.0 that has a full weekday timetable. I will make another weekend timetable which has services on E-Line and P-Line and 30-20-30 minute headway based on Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday patterns. Perhaps, a session for controlling works trains will be included in a future update.

The 80km (50mi) network currently consists of three lines:
– Line E, which is an airport service between Sandton and O.R. Tambo International (Runs East/West).
– Line P, which is a general commuter service between Johannesburg Park and Pretoria Tshwane (Runs North/South).
– Line H, which is a general commuter service between Pretoria Tshwane and Hatfield Tshwane (Runs North/South. Colloquially, when referring to Line P and H it is just called the P-Line).

The railway provided here, focuses on Interlockings 7 (Park to Rosebank); 1 (Sandton to Marlboro) and half of 2 (The southern-side Depot entry/exit).
For authenticity, included are the signal IDs. I have included the platform IDs for ease of reference. For this reason, I recommend operating the railway with the black background.

Though bi-directionally signalled, in Normal Mode, trains run on Track A when north- or eastbound and Track B when south- or westbound. E-Line trains terminate at Sandton Platform C (In real life this is the deepest underground platform on the network at 45m [148ft]).

The first trains of the day are sweeper trains (run at 80km/h max) then, once in service, the trains run up to 160km/h. On-track machines run at 60km/h max due to not being ATP equipped.

A typical Head Code is OT4502 where OT means the destination is ORTIA, 4 is the number of cars, 5 is the service type and 02 is the service number. Note, due to ROS constraints you will only see 4502 displayed on the panel, however, activating Train Info will show the full Head Code in the description.

Service types:
0 / 1 = Northbound / Southbound scheduled General Commuter Service
4 = Deadhead train (to or from the Depot on the P/H Lines)
5 / 6 = Eastbound / Westbound scheduled Airport Service
8 = Deadhead train (to or from the Depot on the E Line)


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