Enoshima Electric Railway


The Enoshima Electric railway is a railway line privately operated by the Odakyu Group, running 10km from Kamakura to Kujisawa in Japan. The line is mainly single
track with passing loops at five of the fifteen stations, and in places runs along the streets of the area, as such the close proximity to streets means there are many level crossings crossing the route.

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The Enoshima Railway simulation depicts the full 10km route between Kamakura and Fujisawa in Japan. Included is a single timetable representing a typical week day operation of the line. Initially all rolling stock is stabled either at Enoshima Sidings or Gokurakuji Depot.

Pay close attention to the service the empty stock is scheduled to form to ensure you direct them to the correct start station. There is a level of skill in ensuring level crossings are not left open longer than they need to be, this will require practice.
Due to limitations in ROS distance setting there is a high chance services will run late between certain stations, the speed limit has been set higher than reality to try to reduce the effect of this.


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