Chicago Metra Electric District North


This route forms the first part of the Metra Electric route for ROS. It covers the lines from Chicago Millenium station to Grand Crossing and South Chicago. The simulation includes both Metra Electric District and South Shore Line services.

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This is part one of the Metra Electric route which covers the network from Millenium South Shore and Metra stations in the city of Chicago to Grand Crossing on the main line in the state of Illinois, USA.
Also included is the South Chicago line which branches off to the east towards the south eastern suburbs. A session has been included which sets some points and adds automatic signal regions.

The included timetable depicts the early hours of operation on a weekday during the reduced COVID 2020 operations.

Stations included on the map are:

– Chicago Millenium NICD and Metra stations
– Van Buren Street
– Museum Campus
– 18th St
– McCormick Place
– 27th St
– 47th St
– 51st-53rd St (Hyde Park)
– 55th-57th St
– 59th St (University of Chicago)
– 63rd St
– 75th St (Grand Crossing)
– Stony Island
– Bryn Mawr
– South Shore
– Windsor Park
– Cheltenham 79th St
– 83rd St
– 87th St
– South Chicago (93rd St)


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