Toronto Union Station


Toronto’s Union Station Rail Corridor and eastern portion of the GO Transit Weston subdivision.

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Minimum Required RailOS Version: The standard “Union Station Full” timetable requires a minimum program version of 2.15.0. The “Pre 2.15.0” timetable is backwards compatible with older versions.

This map covers the Union Station Rail Corridor as well as the GO Transit Weston Sub, starting just west of Toronto Pearson International Airport through to just east of Jarvis Street. Connections exist along the route to Pearson Airport, selected local industrial spurs, the CP MacTier Sub, the CP North Toronto Sub and CP Galt Sub (at the West Toronto Diamond), the GO Newmarket Sub, the GO Oakville Sub, the GO North Bathurst Yard, the GO Bala Sub, the GO Kingston Sub and the GO Don Yard. All intermediate stations are included.

The provided timetable includes all GO Transit (GO), UP Express (UPX) and VIA Rail (VIA) services that use these tracks, as well as a selection of local and through freight trains from CN and CP.

The first letter of a train’s headcode represents the service it belongs to, per the below list. The second character of the headcode indicates the train’s origin and/or destination and vary by service. If the second letter is S, X, Y or Z, the train is deadheading (running empty) to or from a yard or storage track, or is sitting idle awaiting the start of service, and the letter indicates which facility it is going to/from. For the GO services, the origin/destination is usually irrelevant as all trains for each line enter and exit at the same point. The only exception is that westbound K6 trains (GO Kitchener line to Bramalea) do not stop at Etobicoke North Station and can bypass it using an adjacent track as needed.

For more details, see the documentation file included with the project.


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