Bognor Regis


Bognor Regis station and sidings on the south coast of England

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Bognor Regis is a large terminus station on the south coast. The station was originally built to serve a thriving Victorian tourist seafront, however this business has deteriorated over the years. It is now served by four trains an hour, half of which originate from London. Throughout most of the day the four platforms are hardly necessary, however overnight a large number of trains are stabled in the station.

A timetable for spring 2022 has been included, running from 04:00 until the last train of the evening, at approximately 1am. The standard services are:

– 1tph Bognor Regis to Littlehampton
– 1tph Bognor Regis to Barnham
– 2tph Bognor Regis to London Victoria

All services are operated by Southern.


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