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Take on the challenge to operate all 77 peak hour trains running through the central line and 66 trains off peak, including the Hainault – Woodford Shuttle.

From early morning to late night, this is based on the real life Working Timetable from july 2020, it is surely a very demanding route and there is no time the relax. So if you like a busy network this is the one for you.

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Welcome to my first full route, and I’m starting of with my favourite line on the London Underground – the central Line.
With all 77 trains in service, it gives a good overlook of how the line operates and the service pattern.

The Timetable is created from the Working Timetables (WTT) page from TFL and so realistic as possible. in the WTT are distances between stations and I’ve incorporated those as well.
The only thing that is off, is the line speed. Which is faster than real life. This is to keep up with the timetable.

All services contains a three digit train No. and a one digit trip letter. S
ervices runs between;
West Ruislip/Ealing Broadway/North Acton/White City <–> Epping/Hainault/Loughton/Newbury Park
and the Shuttle service, Hainault <-> Woodford via Grange Hill

The central line is tough to make precisely to the timetable as it runs with Automatic Train Control (ATC). Which means at peak times, trains will stack up between Leytonstone – Stratford, but don’t worry they will up the time lost through the city.

Operating hours: 04:55-25:30
Peak hours: 77 trains
Off peak: 66 trains
Level: Advanced

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  1. ROMVI

    Where did you get the layout of the map and the times / what sourses did you use?

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