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Nottingham, Derby, East Midlands Parkway and surrounds – 6-7am on a Friday morning in early June 2023

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East Midlands Hub

This is my first project and I’ve really enjoyed putting it together. The programme is pretty easy to use once you get to grips with the terminology in the timetables and the preferred directions etc.
The package is a representation of the section of the UK network in the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby and East Midlands Parkway. Links exist south to Leicester and London, as well as Burton Upon Trent, Tamworth and Birmingham, east to Grantham, Lincoln and the East Coast Mainline, west to Stoke on Trent and Crewe for the West Coast Mainline, and north to Chesterfield and Sheffield as well as Mansfield and Worksop.

The timetable is based on a Friday morning early in June 2023 (not a strike day!) between 6am and 7am. Some routes continue after this time but the timetable is not complete after 7am. The timetable includes freight services identified on Traksy which have enough detail to work in. As it’s an early morning there are also many services which are running empty, positioning for a subsequent public service. I’ve had to make a few minor adjustments but the timetable is 95% authentic. I’ve not set automated routes as I’ve not really explored those yet so you’ll have to route trains through manually. Take care with points along the route as I have had trains go up on to the opposite line and back again for no apparent reason.
I’ve had to stretch the track distances on a few sections to remove the early arrivals. There’s also one “join”, or combination, of services towards the end of the timetable which is tricky if you’re not aware of it and may require you nudging one or both trains in to position at the platform in Nottingham.
Let me know how you get on with it and what improvements I can make!


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