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LU Victoria Line modern day. This is my first project for the excellent Railways program.

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LU Victoria Line modern day.

This is my first project for the excellent Railways program. I played it for a few minutes then straight away I decided to build my own layout!

I chose the LU Victoria line for 2 reasons, one is because there is no LU signal sim apart from a VERY short one on the W&C, and secondly I like the Victoria line and it isn’t too complex. I do hope to include more LU tracks though.

The Sim itself is based on the real track layout taken from a Quail map (though distances aren’t 100%) and signals were from an online diagram, though the exact positions aren’t included so this was guess work.

The only thing that is fictional is Finsbury park with the Piccadilly line included.  added this as there is connection tracks to the Victoria line and thought a short section of the Piccadilly line would be interesting.

The timetable included is rather fictional, though some of the first train times were take form the TFL site. The trains run as 0Oxx (for passenger) and 5Oxx (for ECS stock) as at the time I was unsure of how you can format 0000 trains. The headcode is basically the train reporting number that LU use, so if you see a train on my timetable as 0O07, that means it’s train 007, 0O10 is train 010 etc.
The train’s you’ll be signalling is mainly the 1967 TS stock however there is a couple of 2009 TS stock running around too.

Operational wise it is pretty simple, though I will advise not to signal trains from Walthamstow into Seven Sisters too early, as there are a few trains that come out the Northumberland Park Depot that might want to go in front, but check the timetable first!

Any comments or errors feel free to contact me.

James Underwood, email or use the comments section below.


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