Mid Hants Railway


The Mid Hants Railway running south from Alton to Alresford (or Winchester).

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This project includes two versions of the Mid Hants Railway in Hampshire, UK. The first is the current heritage railway operation between Alton and Alresford (otherwise known as the Watercress Line). The second is a fictional version of what the line could be like if fully reopened between Alton and Winchester to mainline traffic. Some creative liberties have had to be taken with these, as outlined in the included documentation.

Timetables have been included for both simulations, representing a summer 2023 “two train” timetable for the heritage railway, and a 4 hour customised timetable for the fictional route, which is based on the May 2023 timetable for surrounding services. Further details can be found in the documentation, and an additional spreadsheet has been included with details regarding the fictional timetable.

Some operational tips can also be found in the documentation – it is recommended to read these before trying to run the simulations.


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