Portsmouth Direct Line


The Portsmouth Direct Line from Shalford Junction to Havant exclusive.

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The Portsmouth Direct Line splits from the South Western Main Line at Woking and runs through the South Downs to Portsmouth. This route represents the stretch from Shalford Junction (just south of Guildford) to Havant exclusive.

The majority of the line is a simple two track route, however Haslemere station in the middle has three platforms which can be used for services to overtake each other, and terminate. The route also has several level crossings, which increase the difficulty slightly.

Current Off Peak Services:
– 1tph London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour (Fast)
– 1tph London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour (Slow)
– 1tph London Waterloo to Haslemere

A full day timetable for the 12th May 2021 has been included, as well as a session file with the automatic routes preset. Additionally, a ReadMe is included with some tips for operation.


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