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Basingstoke by Glenn Mitchell

Finally Finished!!

Basingstoke ASC Version 1

Basingstoke ASC covers the South Western Main Line from just North of Farnborough (Where Woking leaves off) to the other side of Worting Junction (South of Basingstoke) plus most of the Reading-Basingstoke line and from Worting Junction to South of Grateley on the West of England line.

In the folder you’ll find an off-peak timetable which runs for just over 2 hours. I’ve created a PDF of the timetable, which gives a small amount of platform and routing guidance. Platform 1 at Basingstoke is the one at the bottom of the screen, with platform 5 being the bay at the top of the screen. (I couldn’t fit the numbers on the layout!)

Download “Basingstoke ASC” – Downloaded 1164 times – 91 KB

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